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Your brand is working hard to build sustainability into your bottom line. You’re innovating new business models that save resources and make money, while also doing good for the planet, but are you sharing your sustainability story in a way that consumers actually understand and connect with?

Crafting effective sustainability messaging is hard...

and getting it wrong can mean losing a customer or credibility

Consumers want to support brands that are transparent about their sustainability initiatives.

They want to see inside the factory. They want proof that the products are made ethically. That the packaging won’t one day become microplastic floating around our oceans, or microfibers in the snow on the summit of Everest. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business has confirmed that sustainable products are growing 5.6 times faster and beating out conventional products.

73% of millennials (and an even higher percentage of Gen Z) say they’re willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 91% of global citizens want to hear about corporate social responsibility initiatives …

the facts

Consumers are putting their 💲💲💲 where their ❤️'s are... 

And this isn't just virtue signaling.

That's where I come in.

Sustainability messaging is complex
and difficult to unpack.

… but the “S” word means something different to everyone.


… but the “S” word means something different to everyone.

So you show up transparently and consistently across your web and email copy, turning conscious consumers into screamingly loyal brand fans. 

I help planet-loving brands like you tell their Sustainability Story™

what I do

Okay, okay, okay, but how do I do it?


And it’s a lot of (mostly type 1)

I call it our adventure together.


In practice, this usually means I first go out and research the heck out of your ideal customers and superfans to see what they’re saying about your products and brand.


Then, I learn all there is to know about your sustainability secret sauce from your in-house scientists. 


Finalllly, I take this complex, scientific, and sometimes dry jargon—let’s be real—and mesh it with your customer’s words to make an even tastier sustainability story that your ideal client can’t wait to sample. 

learn more about our adventure together

Ready to put a megaphone behind your sustainability message?

My unique background in data-driven marketing combined with proven conversion copy techniques, and topped with my own truly nerdy sustainability passion helps cutting-edge, innovative brands and ecopreneurs tell their Sustainability Story.

I’ve worked with some incredible brands, businesses, and publications, including:


- Mollie A.

"HI. So I read the copy and started crying. When I was thinking about hiring a copywriter I didn't even know if I had a voice or vision that made sense and I was so stressed about how things would turn out. I wish I had a stronger word for thankful. Maybe all caps? I AM SO THANKFUL. Haha ok that was so intense. But really, you are so freaking talented and I don't quite know how I got so lucky to find you!"

ALICE Technologies

- Dimi F.

“I was surprised by how much time Amanda spent listening to our needs, meticulously gathering information about tone, language and overall goals. This, paired with her business acumen and high level copywriting skills literally transformed our copy.”

in a good way

And if that’s not enough, my copy makes clients cry...

To keep your most passionate, eco-conscious consumers engaged. And clicking checkout. Again and again.

My ROOTED Sustainability Story Worksheet walks you through the SIX CRUCIAL sustainability touch-points that you want to address across your digital presence...

One of the biggest risks you face as a business is losing consumers before they have a chance to learn about your product. Within a few seconds of landing on your homepage, they’ll either lean in or tune out faster than you can say “carbon neutral.” 

Are you losing conscious consumers before they get to the checkout cart?