You can think of working with me on your sustainability messaging like an adventure into the backcountry...

We’ll talk about your product/s, your customer and what makes them tick, and what sustainability means to you. Maybe that means organic and regenerative agriculture, or recyclable, refillable, compostable or minimal packaging — maybe all of the above. I not-so-secretly hope it means pushing the boundaries of transparency about where your products come from. I can’t wait to learn allllll about what you’re doing.

but we’ll leave with all the stories.

It’ll be a pack it in pack it out, Leave No Trace adventure,

I sometimes sing while I hike and like my adventures with a very small dash of type two fun. But if you’re into that kind of thing…


I’m all about bringing moments of surprise, delight, and joy to the process. 

At some point, likely after we’ve just made it to the top of what feels like a never-ending uphill slog, I’ll pull out a fair trade, responsibly sourced chocolate bar that i’ve hidden away in the depths of my pack because...

Maybe we’ll decide we just have to go swimming in that still-iceberg-laden alpine lake. Or hike overnight through the desert because it’s blazing hot during the day and anyway it’s flat and we’re feeling damn fine and we want to brand that image of the milky way into our memories forever and ever.

but don’t worry, we’ll leave time for spontaneity and the muses to strike.

We’ll set a good pace...

(no need to carry an extra stove!)

I’ll plan the route, campsites and meals, and we’ll divide up the gear


I can't wait to adventure with you.

Let's do this!