I help planet-loving brands & ecopreneurs tell their Sustainability Story™.

Hey, I’m Amanda.

Sustainability copywriter and brand messaging strategist.

If sustainability is built into your business, you want to make sure you communicate all of your efforts clearly and effectively so consumers like me know you’re the product for us.

You strive for inclusivity. You’re encouraging mindful consumption and diverting waste from landfills, while sourcing cleaner, more sustainable materials. 

You’re working towards circular production with sustainability embedded into your bottom line. Your products aren’t just high-quality, thoughtfully designed and solving problems for your customers, they’re better for the planet.

You’re redefining success in business...

Something just didn’t feel right. There was no cap on how much time someone should be spending on Youtube. So if someone had spent 22 hours of their day watching videos, it was technically a win for me, my team, and the business. I had moved the needle, but to what end? Was I doing any good?

Win, right?! Not really...

It was my job to increase users and their watch times. I wrote clever emails that got massive engagement. The data showed that my work had a statistically significant impact on KPIs. And we were the only team that could prove it.

It happened about five years ago. As a product marketing manager at Youtube...

and it started with an existential crisis.

But before I help you tell your Sustainability Story™, here’s some of mine...

I created a business I can use as a force for good

I healed myself through this journey. I found what keeps me up at night and gets me going in the morning. I realized what I support with my time and money matters.

I became a minimalist through all the downsizing and started feeling empowered by possessions instead of weighed down by them. I was home-free, a digital nomad. 

We taught ourselves about solar power and got in touch with our electricity and water usage. We came face to face with how much waste we generated.

I picked up hundreds of pounds of trash from campsites, firepits, and public lands. I even became a Leave No Trace Trainer, learning to advocate for responsible recreation.

I found community through directing the Teton Valley Vanlife Gathering. It gave a band of over 100 nomads, adventure-seekers, and misfits a place to call home and be accepted exactly as they were.

I existed like I never had, waking up with the sun and falling asleep to the sound of the breeze through Aspen trees.

Instead of planning out my next ten steps (recovering type A, Ivy league, tech employee here...eeek), I booked a one-way flight to South America and explored the west coast with a backpack. It was incredible being in these places, knowing that I was the one who made it there on my own two feet. Then my partner, Matt, and I moved into a campervan. We lived off-grid in 80 square feet with Royal, our Goldendoodle.

When I realized my moral compass wasn’t aligned with the business culture and ethics, I left.

We believe in a transparent, sustainable business cycle. We keep up on innovations in the sustainability world. We make each move with intention, finding ways to make the world a better place. I understand your audience because I am your audience.

And you’re using your business as a force for good.

It’s why we found each other

Using my ROOTED Sustainability Story™ Framework, you’ll have a clear, effective message your audience can actually connect with.

They’ll know exactly what they’re buying and who they’re buying from. You can (finally) be confident the efforts you’re putting forth are performing. And I’ll be there every step of the way, from seed to sapling (to forest!)

Matt and I had two different zero-plastic months on the road (and we even made some YouTube videos about it. You can view them here, but try not to stick around there for 22 hours!)

Vultures are one of my favorite animals. Yes, I realize this is kind of weird and unexpected because they get a bad rep for eating dead animals. BUT, they’re actually vital to our ecosystems and help prevent the spread of disease. Vultures are actually incredible recyclers of nature! Not to mention they’re really good at soaring (see next fact 😉). Sadly, the majority of vulture species are endangered or threatened.

During the pandemic, I learned to paraglide and I’ve now had over 150 flights across Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. My longest flight is just under 3 hours! 

I’ve sent billions of emails to millions of users, and can design and run an A/B test in my sleep. (I’m pretty sure I’ve literally done it in my dreams lol)

Get to know me fun facts: